Tuesday, March 24, 2009

More Of Cake Mania

This cake was made for my very adorable 3 yrs old  nephew , who called me up and said " Massi, Mere ko birthday pe Tom , Jerry, Mcqueen, Mcqueens girl friend , S ( thats him ) , aur sab chahiye" 
Though I cld not do all that and more like he asked for but I made this. 
There was a Mc queen at the base of this cake and tom and jerry on another cake. 

Everyone was more keen on eating the toppers than the cake .. :) 

Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Goodness Of Canola

Canola Oil has been a popular product for quite some time in America. And now the goodness of Canola is spreading in the Indian Markets as well.

Now this post is not about Canola(though looking at the benefits of this oil I could not stop but write a few points of goodness) but about this NGO that I came to know about.

I have personally visited G.Baru Sahib, the effort and the vision is stupendous. They have educational institutions , health care, social welfare , women empowerment and various other projects for betterment of the world.

Gurudwara Baru Sahib is producing this oil in Sangrur (Punjab).


Babaji (of Baru Sahib) did research on this oil for years together and then started producing it in Punjab.

- It is enriched Omega 3, 6 and 9
- High Smoking Point
- Healthy Mono saturated and poly unsaturated fat
- Low Eurucic Acid content with neutral flavor
- Free from Argemone

I really would like to support their cause and this is my little way of doing it.
So if anyone wants to switch to a healthier lifestyle and also contribute a little back in the way then you may contact @

International Marketing Associates
Mr.P P Singh

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Silly Us Girls !

I remember this old aunt of mine , settled abroad , surprised at the growing numbers of divorce cases abroad , she meekly said "These firangs (foreigners) confess their love every day every hour and still cant cross two years together ... look at us crossed a lifetime together without hearing I love you even once!"

It was kind of true and though that style of romance is fading away I really enjoy looking at the elders and seeing their romance flourish even without staring at each other or holding each other hands.

If you ask them to hug each other for a picture, they will shy and blush as if two strangers put together. If you ask them how it all started they will tell out a bit and quickly try to change the topic. ..at times even before starting the topic. And yet they have crossed decades together.

My mom still holds this one gift that DAD ever gave her during their 30 yrs together - this umbrella that he got her for their 1st anniversary ...Bright Maroon with a Silver carved knob. ..pretty one .... and she still has kept it close and safe.

Now try getting that for a gurl like me ... I would probably break it into two on my hubbys head and saying what were you thinking ? Its not even rainy season for god sake !!

Yes we 20th century gurls come with high expectations and even higher maintainence ...Flowers , gifts , cards , a Jimmy Cho would not hurt either , we want it all and More !! ... and hey we are not materialistic ... we are just pampered little beings !! :)

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Mystery Shopping

I came across this concept recently while browsing through some magazines. Its seemed like an interesting concept and then I had to do what I do the most browze browze and more browze and find out all the information.

It is still in its nacent stage in India, whereas abroad it is a much wider concept and a lot of companies are looking out for people.

This is my shortlisted best ( probably the only ones too I found online ) mystery shopper companies:

1. Bare Associates
2. Grass Roots India
3. Kaiz Consult
4. AQ International
5. Shop Max
6. International Service Check

I have tried all of them and only Bare Associate will reflect jobs in their profile. Rest none of them will show any jobs at all . I even mailed a few of them asking if there are any jobs in their profile but no response.

So if you want to try a bit of mystery shopping in India then register with Bare initially.

The money is peanuts , Do not do it for cash, do it for the experience and the fun of it . As being upright and on a look out all the time with eyes wide open , you wont even be able to enjoy the free meal ! .

Mystery Shopper pay you INR 250 - INR 500 . That will include travel allowence, purchase and for any reason you have to redo the shop , you will not be paid extra travel allowence either and over and above you will be spending 1 hour online atleast filling up the questionaaire.

If you are one of those who have a job and feel you are not paid well - do give mystery shopping a shot , you will end up loving your job !

Its is a good experience to try and enjoy. The more shops you perform the more comfortable you will get with trying to observe 10 things and still enjoying the free meal and in some time you will be on auto pilot.

I will try to keep updating the list, if I read anything more. Please share if you are aware of more companies in India.

Happy Shopping !! Just Shopping ... No Mystery .

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Cake Mania Again

This is my latest try - cake toppers, I don't have to say it is inspired from Annie2 (she is the best!!). It is for our 5 yrs old niece, she started her school last year and its the same school that literally the whole side of my hubby's family went to.
The heart is a prop she uses for her Shaimak Davar dance class.
And the teddy is "Lemony", or so she calls her teddy that is always with her.

Lots of fun and lots of hard work and lots of colored fingers....

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Tried and Tasted !

This post is for Zlamushka's Spicy Kitchen, event Tried and Tasted , this month its Meeta's What's for Lunch Honey?. I have to say it out loud, she has one of the prettiest blog around . At time I just feed my self just looking at the pictures of her creations.

This is my first try at Meeta's Wheat Pancake. I made a little changes as ours is a vegetarian home and cooking with eggs is a big No - No !. So I just swapped the egg with Baking Powder ( 2 tsp) and added it before adding the milk.

I had to take this picture in the kitchen , as every time I went out to the dining table from the kitchen to take a snap , it used to find its way to someone's tummy. .. so I took a snap in the kitchen just in case I am not left with any pancake to take a snap of.

Sorry for the really bad picture - it was take from a Mobile Camera but the pancake was absolutely yummy !!

Enjoy !

Friday, July 25, 2008

Manali Trip - Part II

Next day trip was to Janna Falls. Again not one of the touristy places but immensely beautiful. We really enjoyed the drive - full of tall , green trees on both sides of the road with a peak into the valley here and there.
One hour drive from Manali. The only landmark for Janna Falls is a small shed cum restaurant you will see on the right side of the road.
(Our Restaurant's Kitchen/Landmark at Janna Falls )

( next to the fall )

We Ordered Himachal Food : Red Rice , Curry , Rajma (Red Kidney Beans ) and some sort of beans.(sorry,I didn't ask the name of the bean dish - it was so awful , I thought the faster I forget about it the better) . Rest of the food was good.
We also ordered Maggi .... Yum Maggi...and the whole fun of eating right next to the fall..Delicious.
Food Driven as I am ... I could not keep my self sitting near the fall ... had to see this feeble shed...

(Hot Stove at Janna Falls )

( Cooked curry)

The guy from the restaurant .. will take you for the trek up the falls. There are three spots one can hike to - every point progresses to a more gigantic and scenic fall. We could just complete two, it was too dark to go to the third spot.

Very Romantic Spots. More so if you are with the one you love. Blush. Blush.

On our way back, we stopped at Naggar Town. Naggar has all the foreign Tourist coming in and thus a lot a bakeries. Since it was late we stopped at The German Bakery(as that was the only one open).

( The German Bakery)

This is what I ordered. Hot Ginger Honey Lemon Tea....an absolute refreshment after the long day at Falls.

Time to go Back ......